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The Creator Collective is a new and exciting program for women who are serious about developing their blogs into strong, sustainable businesses. Our goal is to bring together dynamic, passionate women creators and builders in the travel space who can help each other grow and evolve into our best professional selves. We'll share stories, start conversations, and include each other in opportunities.

Created by Wanderful (the creator and host of the Women in Travel Summit), the Creator Collective equips you with the tools you need to take your blog to the next level by surrounding you with talented experts to guide you, a supportive community to keep you accountable, hands-on opportunities to grow, and more.

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What You Get

  • Unlimited virtual office hours with experts to help get your business the support it needs ($150 value)

  • Top priority to participate in paid influencer campaigns ($99 value)

  • Access to our exclusive online community for Creative Collective members and facilitators, including a community job board ($49 value)

  • 10% off your ticket to the Women in Travel Summit, plus other exclusive deals on software and tools to support your business ($29+ value)

  • Opportunity to gain exposure on sheswanderful.com through regular guest-posting and editorial direction

  • Other special member opportunities like guided FAM trips, members-only retreats, and more, announced throughout the year

In-House Coaches

Each coach offers virtual office hours every month!

Jamie Lieberman
Partner and Founder, Hashtag Legal

As a founding partner of Hashtag Legal, Jamie brings extensive experience drafting and reviewing contracts, advising clients on intellectual property issues, drafting website and mobile application terms and conditions, and negotiating on behalf of clients, coupled with a deep understanding of business and corporate law... Read More

Megan Stetzel
Co-Founder, Why Wait to See the World

Megan is a social media fiend, community building badass and travel lover. She’s one half of the blog, Why Wait To See The World, the reincarnation of Twenty-SomethingTravel.com with Stephanie Yoder. She’s passionate about tacos, oh, and helping millennials to stop waiting to see the world! Read More

Beth Santos
Founder & CEO, Wanderful

Beth created Wanderful while cruising her blue motorcycle through the streets of São Tomé and Príncipe, a small country in Africa’s Gulf of Guinea. She comes from a background in international development and community building... Read More

Craig Martin
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Performance Foundry

Craig Martin is the co-founder and Managing Director of Performance Foundry. Performance Foundry specialises in WordPress solutions for businesses worldwide, focusing on Managed WordPress Hosting and site development as well as... Read More

Alexandra Jimenez
Editor-in-Chief, Travel Fashion Girl

Alexandra Jimenez is the editor-in-chief of Travel Fashion Girl, where she teaches an audience of 900,000+ monthly readers to pack in a light, stylish, and efficient way. After quitting her corporate job in 2008, she spent almost a decade on the road all while traveling carryon only... Read More

Leticia Barr
Founder, Tech Savvy Mama

Leticia Barr founded her award-winning Tech Savvy Mama site based on personal and professional experience. Since 2008 she has combined her knowledge of child development, psychology, education, technology, and parenting to... Read More

Danny Rivers Mitchell
Founder and Creator, Black Girls Travel Too

Danny Rivers Mitchell is the founder and creator of Black Girls Travel Too, which is a social travel network that creates responsible travel experiences domestically and internationally. Founded in 2015 as more of a statement to women of color that yes we do travel and yes we can have many more amazing and empowering experiences if we would... Read More

Justine Abigail Yu
Communications and Marketing Strategist

Justine Abigail Yu is a communications and marketing strategist for the social impact space and has worked with organizations operating in North America, Central America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia. Her expertise lies in growing social enterprises from the ground up through strategic... Read More

More in-house coaches coming soon!

Scholarship for Baby Boomer Bloggers

Thanks to the generosity of Travel Awaits, up to 50 baby boomer bloggers will receive a one-year scholarship to Wanderful’s Creator Collective. Deadline to apply for the scholarship is October 22, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?
To join the Creator Collective, all you have to do is sign up for membership, billed monthly at just $23.99 USD, or annually at $254.99 USD. Look for the subscribe button above to get started!

Do I need to sign up at a specific time?
Not at all! All Creator Collective membership is ongoing. We’re constantly providing new, updated materials and projects for the women in our program to learn and grow together. Sign up and stay as long as the program is helpful to you (which we hope is forever). New members are accepted into the Creator Collective on a rolling basis.

How are webinars run? Are recordings available?
We’ve been there: You drop a few hundred bucks on a new course or program with tons of digital materials, then realize that you haven’t made time to review any of them. Or worse; you review them and still have tons of questions. That’s why all of our sessions are taught live so you can ask experts questions and get support in real time!

All sessions are recorded and available to Creative Collective members for as long as you remain a member. That way if you have to miss a session, you can still catch up on the notes whenever you are ready for them. Our experts also host office hours throughout the month to answer questions and offer guidance.

How frequently do coaches offer office hours? How do they work?
Each of our coaches will offer 2-3 blocks of 30-minute long office hours each month. Office hours are run in small group sessions, and there is no limit to how many you can participate in.

Do I have to be a travel blogger?
While Wanderful is a community of travelers and the Women in Travel Summit has travel in its name, the topics that we’ll be talking about in the Creator Collective are relevant to a variety of different bloggers who are starting businesses. Many of our examples will be travel-focused and may discuss working with destinations, and many of the participants will have a travel focus themselves, but you do not have to have a travel focus on your blog in order to benefit from this program. Simply being a travel “appreciator” is fine too.

Do I have to be based in the US?
You can be based anywhere! As long as you're sensitive to the fact that some accounting/legal questions will be presented with a US-focused perspective.

What do you look for in Creator Collective members?
The Creator Collective experience is a unique opportunity for passionate bloggers and influencers to get to the next phase in their business with a supportive and well-networked community of women by their side. To join, we recommend you have an existing blog or are in the process of getting set up. Creator Collective members are looking to grow as business owners and build a sense of community with other bloggers and creators.

What if I'm not ready to commit to signing up yet?
We offer a one week free trial when you sign up so you can explore the collective first before paying the monthly subscription fee. If you're not quite ready for that yet, sign up for this email list to keep up to date with the latest happenings in the Creator Collective. 

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